Top 3 Most in-demand Tech Jobs in 2018

Top 3 Most in-demand Tech Jobs in 2018

In today’s computerized world we use technology more than ever to stay connected to our friends and family. We get up-to-date to know about the latest and greatest happenings in the world. With all the high-tech devices such as smart phones, tablets, computers and so on which our world is dependent on, the skills of professionals in technology jobs are needed to make our obsession with tech possible.

Today in the World most of the jobs are tech jobs.  It’s predicted by the Labor Department that tech jobs will grow faster than the average for all jobs at the rate of 13 percent this decade. Do you want to get your dream job? If yes, then let’s take a look to most in-demand tech jobs in 2018.

#1 Computer Vision Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer
Computer Vision Engineer – Photo Courtesy of AGT International

Computer Vision is an interesting field, challenging but fun. It can be more of an art than a science at many times especially when one ventures deeper into it. It is also a technical capability that enables a computer to recognize or understand the content of a picture. The average salary for a Computer Vision Engineer is $136,042 per year in the United States.

In addition, the development of Computer Vision also affects another field called Robotics. A robot with vision capability will be much more effective in its work-space than one that is unsighted. Robots with vision can be programmed to respond to unstructured or random changes. Besides, Computer Vision Engineers never become bored because they always deal with innovative ideas in the work place.

#2 Network Analyst

Network Analyst
Network Analyst

In recent years in the world, businesses have invested more heavily in their networks as lot enters the workplace. Network analysts connect the company computers for the ease of information flow in the business and in an efficient way. This is the reason for a major driver of demand the makes Network Analyst a demand job.

Indeed, Network Analysts get high salary too. The average pay for a Network Analyst is $58,367 per year in the United States. Network Analysts become quite involved in both the business side and technical side of a company. This means they can also identify problems with in the business, this is another reason why it plays as one of most in-demand jobs.

#3 Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

The machine learning engineers deal with many kinds of programs and work with complex datasets and algorithms to train these systems. As they develop computer programmers and systems that can learn and apply knowledge so they are advanced programmers. Machine learning engineers are going to be very high in demand because we see that every company is trying to become an AI company.

The national average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is $120,931 in the United States. Machine Learning Engineers are computer programmers, but their focus goes beyond specifically programming machines to perform specific tasks. Their main goal is artificial intelligence. So struggle for getting your dream job and get ready for new experience.

So those are the top 3 best tech jobs of 2018 in terms of job growth, and pay. The tech jobs still going strong!

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  1. Java script frameworks (UI, UX) are also in demand so people with knowledge of ReactJS, Angular, JS and CSS are also getting lots of opportunities.

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