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Top 3 VR Headsets for iPhone

Top 3 VR Headsets for iPhone

Apple lovers have been waiting a while now for the Apple VR Headset to reach the stores. Although the company already confirmed that this gadget is in the works and might be already released by 2020, that is still a long way to go.

Does this mean that iOS users have a closed door to the Virtual World for now? Absolutely not, as many tech companies have taken their time to make their VR headsets compatible with iPhones, as well.

There are many options, some better than others. For this list, we have chosen three of the best headsets that you can buy for yourself or as a gift for that iPhone owner friend of yours that hasn’t still found a way to submerge into Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality Headset Demonstration
Virtual Reality Headset Demonstration

These three top headsets are the following:

  1. Merge VR Goggles

First of all, Merge is a company that sells “toys of the future”, as they themselves put it. Secondly, their VR headset is among if not the coolest looking, on the market. It can be bought in 10 different colors including bright pink, yellow and teal.

This headset is compatible with both iOS and Android, has a construction as soft as a marshmallow and is drop tested in crazy videos where you can certainly see that nothing will happen to your mobile as long as it’s secured inside the Merge.

It might look like hard plastic on the pictures but it’s actually made of foam that fits the contour of your face perfectly, making it super comfortable. It has adjustable lenses so you can fix them according to your personal eye distance, as well.

The Merge VR headset works perfectly with Augmented Reality, too. It has two built-in input buttons that let you interact with the games and apps so you won’t find yourself in need of a controller anytime soon, either.

The box comes with the Merge goggles, an adjustable headstrap that you can remove if desired, and a guide to let you know how to use and take care of your headset, nothing more!

The phone measurements that fit in it range from 123mm to 158mm and the lenses offer a 96-degree field of view. Because of its foam body, it is water resistant and super shock resistant, as already mentioned.

Also, it is easy to clean, has airflow channels to prevent fogging inside the chamber, and brings holes that give access to the mobile phone accessory ports. Overall, this headset is innovative, lightweight and offer everything you need for an immersive VR and AR experience with your iPhone, all for a great deal.

  1. VersionTech 2nd 360° Viewing Immersive VR Headset

This next option is certainly among the cheapest ones on the market but it does not compromise performance or quality. If you are still doubting, read what customers that have bought the product have to say about it.

VersionTech offers a VR headset compatible with even the latest iPhone models ranging from iPhone 6Plus all the way to the iPhone X, making it a great choice for those who just bought the newest Apple mobile phone.

This is the 2nd generation of VersionTech’s VR headset which now supports nearsightedness, has adjustable Pupil and Focal distance, and comes with a gap in the front panel that helps dissipate the heat of the phone, making it run smoothly.

It is an easy-to-operate gadget that brings a soft leather pad where you can rest your face on, making it comfortable to wear. It is also quite light so you won’t have to worry about being strapped to a heavy headset for a long time.

The adjustability of the lenses provides relaxation according to your eyes needs, so only you yourself can choose what is best for your sight. If you are feeling tired, regulate the pupil and focal distances to match your sigh condition and all will be well.

The headband fits great on your head and secures the headset in place. It also has several adjustable points to make you feel snug while playing or watching 3D videos.

Also, the construction and material of the VersionTech are definitely its best features. It is a sturdy gadget that feels well made and will probably last a while, as long as you take enough care of it. And for that price? Definitely worth it.

  1. Freely VR Beyond

The last item on the list is the Freefly VR Beyond, an affordable headset originally made only for Android but that changed to fit iPhones after its last upgrade. Keep in mind that this model will not work with iPhone 8 or X, but because not everyone has the newest mobile phones, introducing an affordable headset for older models seemed like a good idea.

The main feature of the Freefly VR Beyond is that it offers a field of view of 120-degrees, which is among the highest on the market. It has a super lightweight design and perforated faux leather on the inside that shapes around the face of the user.

The headset has a custom ventilation system that allows playing for a long timing but it cannot be used by those who normally wear glasses as they do not fit when the Freefly Beyond is worn.

Also, the lenses are not adjustable so it might not work for your specific eye condition but you can always try them on and, in case you can’t see properly, contact customer support which is, surprisingly, attentive and responsive.

The headset is comfortable to wear as the nose pad does a great job, and what’s best is that you don’t need to buy a controller or anything similar, so the price stays the same.

However, the company did announce that they are currently working on the Freefly VR 3, which will mix both VR and AR and offer a field of view of 180-degrees, making it a good idea to wait for the next model, although for this great deal, there is nothing you have to lose.

Final Tips

  • Not all the headsets featured on this list are compatible with the newest iPhone 8 and X so verify that they do before buying them. The same goes for iPhone 6, 6s, and 6Plus.
  • If you need a headset that has adjustable lenses, pay attention to the specs as not all of them have this possibility. If not, you will end up with a VR headset that won’t do the job for you.

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