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Top 7 Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe From Viruses

Top 7 Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe From Viruses

If you own a computer, then you might be aware of various viruses that are out there. All it takes a simple mistake and the next moment you are infected by a deadly virus or malware. Well, depending on the severity of the virus, you can also end up losing all your data from your computer or you won’t be able to access particular files. At times, you may have to spend a huge amount to get the virus removed.

What a Computer Virus really is?

Before I process any further, let me discuss what is a virus? Well, in simple terms it can be defined as a computer code. A virus interacts with your computer and memory, often infects your computer without your knowledge. Most of the people don’t even know, their computer has been infected by deadly viruses until their computer slows down and in the worst cases, your computer can also crash down as well.

But, it’s not the end of the world and there are various ways in which you can keep your computer safe from viruses. So, here I am going to discuss some of the ways you can adopt to save your computer.

Install The Best Antivirus

Most of the computer owners have a false illusion that the free antivirus applications that they get with the internet bundled service are enough to protect their system from viruses, Trojans, spyware, and malware. But, little did they know that all these programs are not adequate in offering protection to your computer from the ever-rising threats.

The truth is that anti-virus has become imperative for everybody. It does slow down your computer, but I guess it is far better than getting infected by a deadly virus. Make sure you have installed the best and the latest anti-virus on your computer. This anti-virus software keeps checking all your files on your computer including – images, videos, files, PDFs for any probable virus.

Make sure you have updated your antivirus as it contains the latest files that help them combat new threats and Trojans. When you update signature files of your antivirus, it contains the latest list and behaviors of the latest viruses.

Scan engine is where these signature files are stored, so make sure you have updated the scan engine as well. Some of the anti-virus programs can easily scan your computer for vulnerability. This feature has been added to the anti-virus software because the operating systems are the entry point of the viruses. Microsoft’s Windows Update automatically to check for the vulnerabilities.

Perform Scans On A Daily Basis

Computer experts say that the various virus and spyware threats usually breakout the protective engines of your computer and end up infecting your computer. There are cases where you unintentionally instruct the anti-malware software to let a virus or spyware program to run.

Irrespective of the source of infection, when you enable daily scans on your computer’s hard drive, it actually adds an additional protection layer. Such scans can really come handy in the detection, isolation, and removal of the viruses.

Avoid Clicking On Unknown Links And Attachments

This is one thing that individuals are aware of whether he uses a computer or not, but still, they commit the same mistake over and over again. Nowadays, such risky links are included in an attractively written email. When you click on such links or any attachment, you Windows gets instantly corrupted by the viruses and spyware inside that link. This will jeopardize the security of your computer, destroy your data and infect the machine. Make sure you never open such links or there is no harm in deleting an email from an unknown source.

Surf Smart

Various business-class anti-malware applications comprise of browser plug-ins offering protection against drive-in infections, phishing attacks, and similar exploits. Make sure you have deployed and enabled these preventive features. Unless the plug-ins are hindering your normal browsing experience, make sure you leave them enabled. The same goes for the automatic pop-up blockers included in Internet Explorer 8, Google’s Toolbar, and various other well-known toolbars.

Backup Your Computer

Be smart and backup your computer on regular intervals. Well, if you overlook this, remember you are more prone to a wide range of technical issues including – crashing of your hard drive. If you really value your data, make sure you have taken the backup. When it comes to taking a backup, you have three options – online backup service, external hard drive, or cloud storage. Moreover, you can store up to 5 GB of data, absolutely free.

Use A Strong Password

When I say a strong password, it means it has to be complex and not just 123456789. It is advisable to avoid using same username/password at multiple websites. While you are creating a password make sure you have used more than 8 characters. You can take the help of various online services in creating and managing your passwords as well, but it is advisable that the password should be decided by you.

Minimise Downloads

Various unreliable sources such as online groups and especially the websites that you are unaware of are the main carriers of Trojans and viruses. It is advisable you should avoid downloading anything if you are unsure. This usually comprises of – games, screensavers, freeware, and executable programs.

It is important the security settings of your web browser is powerful enough to detect any unauthorised downloads. As far as Internet Explorer is concerned, make sure you have at least used medium security setting. In case, you are downloading something, make sure you have scanned each and every program prior to running them. Ensure that you save all your downloads in one folder, then run a virus check on the complete folder, before you use anything from the folder.

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