Want to Code Like a Rockstar? Then Linux is for You

Want to Code Like a Rockstar? Then Linux is for You

Here’s the thing about Linux. It is open-source. And for you, a coder, that means that you get to pop the hood, see what’s inside, and then actually participate. You can look at the source code, learn a lot, and ultimately get involved in projects. It’s sort of a coder’s paradise, and here’s why.

#1 There is a Community

Linux software developers are numerous, and joining that community means that programmers get to join in on projects and collaborate with other coders. Together, they solve software issues, add new software, debut, etc. Throughout all of these activities, every programmer learns more.

#2 Support for Languages

Linux supports virtually every major programming language, and there’s a huge range of Linux software applications for purposes of programming. Through work with other programmers, you will be motivated to learn as many languages as possible so that you can partner and contribute too.

#3 Linux is much more secure than Windows

One of the advantages of Linux over Windows is that it is more secure, because of the package management process, repositories etc. You will see how this security is programmed in – very valuable for future coding. There are also existing software tools that have been developed specifically for enhanced Linux security, and these will be valuable to study – fortunately, the open source nature of everything allows you to do this.

#4 You Can be a Hero

If you really know Linux, and you understand Linux vs. Windows, you know that if Windows 10 is purchased, it has hardware requirements that many organizations may not have. The cool thing about Linux is that it can run on older low-end systems and you can make that happen. While some Linux distributions may not work, you will be able to install some “fixes,” such as Puppy Linux.

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What are the Advantages of Linux?

What are the Advantages of Linux?
What are the Advantages of Linux?

There are so many advantages of Linux over Microsoft. If you learn to code in Linux, you will have skills that will increase your value, whether you choose to work in-house as an employee or as a freelancer for multiple enterprises. In addition to the everything mentioned above, here are other advantages for one who learns to program in Linux.

#1 Customization

You can do much more tweaking of how Linux looks – great icon themes, using Conky to get system information displayed right on the desktop in cool configurations, and, of course the Wallpaper options.

#2 Distribution Variety

There are distributions for almost every need, especially for programmers and for older computers. And they are all free.

#3 Speaking of Free

With Linux, everything is free, including all updates. And, if you become really expert in coding for Linux, you can participate in developing those updates. This type of work is reputation-building, and every time you participate in such a project, you will be engaged in CV editing¸ adding these activities to make yourself more attractive to companies or clients.

#4 Better Community Support

Yes, there are Microsoft forums out there. But they exist to address problems that people are having with an operating system that is “closed,” that is, that no programmer can get into to “fix” anything. Users of Microsoft have to present issues to Microsoft and wait for the updates that may or may resolve those issues.

Linux forums are decidedly different, especially for programmers who are working on a project. Expert advice is available simply by searching for a similar thread or creating your own new thread. Linux programmers are an enthusiastic bunch, and you will receive prompt replies. Each time a programming issue is resolved for you, you have learned just a bit more.

And be ready to respond to threads when you can be of help. This is how you ultimately become known, how your reputation is enhanced, and how you can network.

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General Strategies for All Programmers in Open Source

General Strategies for All Programmers in Open Source
General Strategies for All Programmers in Open Source – credits

Your career goals may be to freelance indefinitely; or they may be to get an in-house position with a company. Whichever you choose, there are specific skills you will need. Working in open source with Linux will give them to you:

#1 Technical Skills

The longer you work in Linux, the more you will learn. And the more you learn, the more you will be able to contribute. Those contributions will establish you as a reputable expert.

The other thing you should do is continue to learn new languages. You can never know too many.

#2 Communication

You have to be able to communicate well, whether you are working with an in-house team or for individual clients. Part of communication is listening, so that you clearly understand what that boss or client wants.

Participating in forums will fine-tune your communication skills too. Remember to be polite, respectful, and diplomatic in your discussions.

#3 Maintain a Portfolio

Your actual work is the “proof” you need to demonstrate that you are a good hire. Every time you work on a project, get your name associated with it and add it to your portfolio.

#4 Look for Collaborative/Networking Relationships

Seek out projects in which you can work with as many others as possible. This gets you known in the world of Linux, and the networking and collaboration can lead to new jobs or that one dream job you might be seeking.

#5 Keep Yourself Relevant

There will always be language updates in Linux. There will always be that next language to learn. If you do these things and stay involved in projects, you will evolve as Linux does.

If you enjoy challenges; if you enjoy open source; if you want to establish yourself as a Rockstar coder/developer, then Linux is definitely for you. Even if you are in a full-time position, stay in the Linux community. You’ll be a lifelong learner if you do.

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