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Want To Improve Your Business? There’s An App For That!

Want To Improve Your Business? There's An App For That!

Business tech is a complete minefield for the novice company owner. Other headaches include running meetings, keeping organized, and keeping all the plates spinning! With some apps that are around to keep people entertained and organized, surely there are ones that can benefit you in business?  Well, there is! Here are some for you to have a look at.


This is a handy app for team leaders who are trying to be more collaborative when it comes to their meetings. A meeting organizer can create meetings to sync with Google Calendar, as agendas and minutes of the meeting, whose points can be attributed to specific people that have attended. It is a great app to track outcomes and accountability to people with specific ideas. This app is free if you only need to use it irregularly. If you need to use it more often, there is a fee.


This app is like an executive assistant. It finds convenient times for meetings by looking at the diaries of the attendees. The result is a much better way of arranging things without needing to send emails back and forth to find the time that is suitable for everyone. All you need to do is copy this into your email or text and then the app takes over for you. While it is in Beta mode, this app is still free.


This is an excellent way for team leaders to keep records of one to one sessions.  By using the “stack”  function, you can keep a digital notebook for each staff member.  And within each one, you can then create notebooks of unlimited amounts, such as to-do lists, objectives, if they need HR training, etc. Also the tagging function makes it easy to search for notebooks that were created on certain dates or featured particular project code words.

Team Meeting Timer

This is a fantastic app for keeping organized in a meeting. It does exactly what it says on the tin. There are so many meetings that run over because people can never stay on topic. If this is a common issue, this app is worth downloading. Apply this at your next meeting by assigning amounts of time to your meeting or individual agenda points, and getting them to be discussed while the clock is ticking. In addition to this, the app gives you tips for ways to keep meetings efficient and also, templates for creating short agendas and minutes.


This is a brainstorming app. All you need to do is to access a blank canvas via the Cloud and document all the ideas that are generated by the attendees. The attendees can either collaborate in person or remotely. This is a great way for teams that are new to generating ideas in a group. As well as this, there is a feature called “change history.” This tracks how your final mind map was created, which is an excellent way to show the thought processes during the during the session.

There literally is an app for everything now. So give one of these a go and see if it benefits your business!

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