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Ways to Completely Revamp Your Social Media

Ways to Completely Revamp Your Social Media

Revamping is simply altering your present situation to something new or even modern and customizing it to make it run more effectively. Social media plays an important role in everyone’s life, be it connecting to old friends or as a platform to launch and promote your business. There is a point in your growing years when you have wondered if all the contacts in your friend list are actually people you want in your life. Have you wondered if the marketing strategies of your personal business in social media need a boost or change of plan? Then a need to revamp your social media arises.


Especially around New Year everyone makes new resolutions and strive for better beginnings. It is a good time for most of them to give your online presence a boost and makeover.

  • Delete and Unpin

Decluttering is the healthy move for your online presence to get rid of unnecessary awkwardness. Remove accounts which are cluttering your feed. Unfriend and unfollow people and pages you have accepted on a whim. Stop following accounts whose posts you are scrolling down without a look. Posting pictures and videos on your social blogging sites might have looked appropriate for that moment.

Check after every few months the feeds and photos you are tagged in and delete them if they look inappropriate for your current status. Request your friends to take down those unflattering pictures in which you are tagged in or posted without your permission. Unpin the posts or boards to which you are no longer associated with or interested in. Also, update the privacy settings as to who can see your posts and follow you.

  • Ride the trending topic

Change the way your profile looks with interesting backgrounds and add some new features your social media just updated. If you need active followers, participate in groups and comment of your interests and create a forum with recent news topics which may interest your followers and keep them engaged with your feed.

Lots of events happen in a year and there is a chance that some of your personal and contact information has undergone changes. Share new memories and replace old profile picture with current looks. Keep updating such information, status and locations as a potential employer or old friends need to come into your contact. Additionally, revise your skills and job description to give a professional boost.

  • Boost your image

Did you ever Google your name to find what search results appear? If you are not satisfied with the results, upgrade them with some SEO techniques to show your professional pages or to display the articles in which you have appeared. A small yet important job is to keep changing passwords for added security which helps you in the long run.


Social networking profiles are the latest platforms which are being used robustly for personal business and small enterprises to boost their brand image. The hype and active news feed which hit the social media during the launch of business gradually fade away after few years. If you have had such experience or in serious need to attract potential customers, revamp your marketing strategy with few changes.

  • Add content based on the platform

Every business is launched targeting a specific group of audience in place, so think of the segments which they need currently and channel your creativity differently for every social networking site you are active on. Curate content and products uniquely for each channel based on the follower’s persona. Make a list of things on which your business and followers are connected by and work on the lagging areas. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all different in the way they function so make appropriate posts for each one.

  • Find the lead generation

Always share original content and avoid embarrassment for duplicating. Keep a track of your ads posted on social networking sites and feeds you shared. It helps you to understand the lead generation and customer traffic to your business. It is the starting point to understand which feeds are attracting traffic and which have failed, thus helping you to revamp marketing strategy.

  • Let customer support join hands with social media

Integrate your customer feedback software with your social profile as it makes it simpler to respond in a timely manner. Amplify your customer experience by making their concerns a priority and convert them to good experiences. Do a quick audit for your business by assessing the quality of the pictures and videos posted. Is the look and feel of your brand making a good impact on your customers?

  • Personalize for boost up

A small survey or a community poll addresses your concerns which lead to revamping the business structure. It is always a good move to go through your competitor’s profile to understand what makes it different. It gives a fresh perspective on how others run the business. Give your business a personal touch and share customer feedback genuinely. Sharing some reasons why you have started this brand may get more followers as it adds humanity to your business.

  • Measure your Goals

Write down your objectives before implementing new strategies and check back later to see if you have achieved the goals. Change the content with trending keywords which suit your business to see if your business pops up on a keyword search. Optimize your content to match SEO’s standards to get more hits.

Execute new policies and practices to manage your social media presence for effective running of your business. Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to hire a social media consultant if you want to find new ways and strategies to revamp your online presence.

Author’s Bio: I’m currently working as Content Manager with SEO Experts India. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Online Reputation Management, Quality Link Building  Tech Consultancy, etc.

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  1. Social media presence is definitely necessary but it should always be backed by solid content after all its your content which wins you the readers.

      1. Really good info, we actually tested paid influencer promotion and though our content weren’t the same as the influencer we still got so many visits it was unbelievable could. Also what we try to keep in mind regarding our posts on social media and would advice others to do is actually think if what you’re about to post is something that you yourself would engage with

  2. Using the social media influencers is a great way to boost your business and product sell! I have seen people gained a huge number of followers by using the social media influencers for their business!

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