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What’s Happening Every 60sec Online?

What's Happening Every 60sec Online?

Do you know what happens every 60 seconds on the internet? You will be amazed to see the facts and figures! Every single minute online millions of Google searches, millions of Facebook & YouTube views, millions of Flicker photo views and millions of emails are sent.

In addition to this Amazon earns $87,000 in sales, Wikipedia adds 6 new articles, 1300 new mobile users, 47,000 apps are downloaded. These figures are interesting, aren’t they? This info-graphic “What Happens in an Internet Minute” by says it all:

What Happens in an Internet Minute?

Social Media in Real Time:

Track social medias in real time using the Real Time Social Media Tracker below:


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  1. Wow, it’s amazing what can happen in just a few seconds. Now every time I click on Facebook or Instagram I am thinking that in the same time other hundreds of people had the same idea.

    1. Hey Jasmin,

      Thanks for visiting TechLinu, we are happy you found this article useful. Yeah it’s amazing to see what happens every single minute online.

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