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Why Choose WordPress for Business Website Development? Some Credible Reasons to Consider

Why Choose WordPress for Business Website Development? Some Credible Reasons to Consider

WordPress as the leading CMS platform doesn’t require any introduction to the world of web. This global leader among CMS solutions is now completing its fifteenth anniversary this year. The CMS already powers more than 65 million websites and blogs across all niches, categories and audience preferences. From being the personal favorite of most influential bloggers and small startups to being used by leading organizations like TechCrunch and CNN, WordPress over the years built an audience spanning across all niches, sizes and categories.

What makes WordPress so powerful and preferred by the vast majority of web users? Well, we are here to inquire regarding this and present some of the key reasons that made WordPress popular as a CMS platform over the years.

#1 It Evolved Over 15 Years

It Evolved Over 15 Years
It Evolved Over 15 Years

When considering the best CMS WordPress invariably comes as the first choice for discussion. This is simply because the CMS solution is there for years and it is there already for more than fifteen years. Starting its journey way back in 2003 it quickly became the automatic choice for quickly building a website. The best thing that helped in the initial popularity of the WordPress is its extreme ease of use. Anyone from the technically equipped business owners to anyone without any technical knowledge can use WordPress for building a website.

WordPress continued to evolve and become better over time as time passed by. This longevity made WordPress durable a choice for web developers and users worldwide. Frequent and regular updates with substantial value additions made WordPress so precise and audience-centric a solution over the years

#2 WordPress is Totally Free

WordPress comes as a completely free and open-source software solution that can be downloaded anytime and can be modified easily to match specific audience needs. One can use WordPress to create a kind of website he needs. While the entire CMS with all uses of useful plugins and design-ready themes comes as absolutely free, the users only need to spend on hosting solution and domain name. If you consider the cost of taking a domain name and a hosting solution from any of the reputed service provider, initially it cannot cost more than just a few dollars. While you get a CMS solution that allows building a feature-rich and visually appealing website with least effort and no cost, all the development cost amounts to the cost of hosting and domain name registration. Even when you decide to go for highly customized development, hiring an expert WordPress developer will not give you a hefty cost burden.

#3 Easy Management and Administration

WordPress is one of the few CMS platforms that come equipped with a robust and detailed admin panel and management system that make the job of the webmaster easier to a great extent.

Even people without much technical expertise and knowledge about web site admin and management can easily manage all the day to day content uploading and editing tasks. Moreover, there are countless helpful plugins to help you in carrying out each and every task. For example, for taking a backup of the website data, you have several useful plugins.

#4 User-friendly, Flexible and Mobile-optimized

User-friendly, Flexible and Mobile-optimized
User-friendly, Flexible and Mobile-optimized

One of the biggest reasons for the ever-increasing popularity of WordPress is its user-friendliness, flexibility and adaptiveness. To help a user start with a new domain WordPress offers a very easy interface to build the website and make value addition through plugins and themes.

Besides allowing you to build the website in less than a few hours the platform also offers unmatched flexibility in terms of making value additions with WordPress plugins and extensions. Today, whatever feature you can think of from a modern website can be incorporated through a WordPress plugin in your website. As for boasting your preferred look and feel for the website, you have hundreds of free and premium themes to choose from.  

When being mobile responsive or mobile-friendly is a strict consideration for the leading search engines including Google, WordPress comes as a great choice with all themes and templates being completely mobile optimized.

#5 Highly Customizable

WordPress is one of the few CMS platforms that offer so extensive options for customizing websites in look, feel and feature set. WordPress offers an extensive range of free and premium themes showcasing almost every different design traditions and trends that evolved over the years. WordPress also boasts of a huge community of theme developers who regularly add new themes to the repository and ensure more scopes of customization in website design. While you can use WordPress to build a basic website in no time with least effort, you can always add a lot of features and creative attributes for a better user experience later on. This customization becomes possible thanks to the hundreds of plugins and extensions used for creating different functions and website elements including galleries, payment solutions, shopping carts, contact forms, and many others.

#6 WordPress is Secure

WordPress is Secure
WordPress is Secure

Security is a key concern for any modern website and in this respect, WordPress offers unmatched security strength as a CMS platform. When it comes to protecting website data and keeping hackers and intruders at bay, WordPress security comes as a well-equipped choice to deal with all such challenges. WordPress is also one of the CMS platforms that continuously gets updated and prevent all types of security vulnerabilities on a regular basis.

WordPress from time to time allows strengthening the security of the website by updating the plugins and themes with just a single click. WordPress CMS also comes with frequent updates and security patches to keep the platform secure from all sorts of cyber-attacks.

#7 Unmatched Community Support

Nearly one-third of the websites in the market today are run on WordPress and among the CMS solutions, WordPress has a 60% market share. With such leading presence for years in a row, the platform could have the support of a thriving developer community worldwide. Proactive and helpful community support to deal with any development and maintenance issues is a major plus point for this CMS solution.


WordPress with so much to offer and such unmatched credibility naturally comes as an obvious CMS choice for websites of all niches. You can hardly find an equal competitor of WordPress among other CMS solutions and that’s enough reason to opt for WordPress.

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Atman Rathod is the Co-founder at CMARIX TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd., a leading WordPress Development Company with 13+ years of experience. He loves to write about technology, startups, entrepreneurship and business. His creative abilities, academic track record and leadership skills made him one of the key industry influencers as well.

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