Why You Should Be Using Checklists in Your Business

Why You Should Be Using Checklists in Your Business

An effective way of making sure that tasks that need to get done are done is by using checklists. A simple visual tool which is efficient in making sure that crucial tasks are completed on time and therefore errors are reduced through good organisation. If you are looking to help your business to continue to succeed or you are a new business and have just completed your online company registration and are ready to begin a new venture, then here are 6 reasons as to how checklists can help you to do this:

#1 Avoid Over Complication

Avoid Over Complication
Avoid Over Complication

Make sure that checklists are explicit and use concise language. Don’t have checklists that are longer than a page and stick to one font colour. Aim to use a simple font such as Arial and use both upper and lower-case letters to make reading the checklist easy.

#2 Be Brief

An important aspect of any checklist is to be brief and to the point, for example a checklist should not have any more that 5-9 items. By keeping a checklist brief you will find that you only focus on the important aspects.

#3 Simplify

Irrespective of what kind of business or industry we are talking about, the pressure and stress of our roles continues to rise. Having small steps to help break down important jobs and tasks can be effective.

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#4 Alleviate Complications

Checklists are an effective way of reducing potential issues and to aid communication. When a checklist is in place, staff members will consult each if they encounter any issues and will therefore be able to work together to come to a decision on how an issue will be resolved.

#5 Decide Upon Checklist Format

Decide Upon Checklist Format
Decide Upon Checklist Format

You will need to decide upon which kind of checklists you plan to use as there are a few to choose from. Ultimately you need to make sure that the operation of your business is improved and you don’t want to introduce something that reduces efficiency, wastes time or creates more work:

  • To Do Checklist: the most commonly used and known form of checklist. Tasks are noted down on paper or sticky notes and each task is ticked off as it’s completed.
  • Troubleshooting Checklist: it’s not uncommon for something to go wrong in business. Where this situation arises a checklist for troubleshooting can be created in order to work out what has gone wrong. This approach can help someone to locate the issue, using an organised manner
  • Procedure Verification Checklist: This can be compared to a recipe. This kind of checklist has a clear list of tasks which must be completed and ticked off when completed.
  • Readiness Checklist: This kind of checklist ensure that certain tasks have been completed before a task begins. For example, in a HR situation, staff can ensure that potential employees have provided and completed all necessary documentation and paperwork before they begin work.

#6 Where to Begin

Where to Begin
Where to Begin

Follow these steps to help you to get started in using and creating checklists:

  1. Work out which areas of your business are under-performing and target these areas.
  2. Decide upon what the yardstick will be when it comes to improvement.
  3. Note the necessary tasks for all involved.
  4. Decide which tasks are priority and be aware of which tasks are crucial.
  5. Take note of areas where a judgement is needed or a decision needs to be made.
  6. Create and introduce a checklist and a method of measuring outcomes and results.
  7. There’s a good chance that your checklist will need editing so create a checklist to take this into account.

There is no business that would not benefit from the use of checklists. Without a doubt, checklists are a great way of making sure that your business runs as efficiently and error free as possible. If you feel that checklists are something that would be useful for your business, then there are plenty of tools available online to get you started such as Checklist, or Tallyfy.

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