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You have a story idea; we have a platform to share. Share all your ideas on our platform. If you have a news, story or product reviews we welcome you to share with us- we’ll publish right on TechLinu.com. To submit your article, please email us at techlinu.com@gmail.com or Contact Us.

Updates – 2017/08/24 (Must-Read)

We receive tons of emails each day especially for Guest Posting. We have decided to add some new guidelines for Guest Posting services, which will take effect starting today (2017/08/24).

If you want your guest post to be considered for review and publishing process please follow the rules below:

  1. Your post should be exclusively written for TechLinu.com and not published anywhere else (Original Contents)
  2. Your post shouldn’t contain self-promotional contents or sponsored contents (if you want to publish sponsored contents or self-promotional contents please see the Advertise page for more info)
  3. Your post can contain a link to your blog/website/social media in author bio
  4. We accept Guest Posts ranging from 1000+ words and higher
  5. Your post must contain at least 1-2 images
  6. We are more interested in topics which are related to our blog’s categories

How to submit your post?

You can submit your post via Email (techlinu.com@gmail.com). Please specify “Guest Post” in email subject otherwise your email won’t be considered.

Here are some Guest Post samples:

    1. How to Invest In Websites In Your Spare Time

    2. How to Build an Ecommerce Business That Will Stand the Test of Time

    3. 5 Best Smartphone Gadgets in 2017


  1. How to use SFTP in Ubuntu 16.04

We greatly appreciate your efforts for writing for us. Thank you for your contribution with TechLinu.com 🙂

Guest Post(s) Submissions

We at TechLinu always encourage contributors to share their articles– we’ll scatter your article to our growing base of readers. We publish guest posts from experts who can provide exclusive and useful perspectives – if you think you are capable of understanding recent Technological, Cyber Security, Programming, Linux & Windows, Social Media and startup trends please share your article with us. Once our Editorial Team flips through, then your job is done – we’ll publish your article on our website and also share it with thousands of our social media followers.

Please write us at techlinu.com@gmail.com in order to submit your guest post. We’ll try to reply as early as possible to your valued submissions. We receive a lot of articles daily, and we publish those which qualify our editorial guidelines.

Want to know more on how to get published on our website?

Here are your guides on how to write a successful post for TechLinu.com:

We accept Guest articles ranging from 1000+ words and higher.

Your article must be your own work. We don’t encourage articles which violates Copyright Law.

Thousands of young tech-savvy readers aged between 18 – 36 years visit our website to get relevant information which matters to their day-to-day life – so make sure your article has a clear view point and answer to their quest. The most important part about Guest Posting is that the article should be relevant to our Categories.

Use screenshots, wallpapers or Info-graphics in your article to make it more convincing. If you are using third – party images other than yours please give a clear attribution in your article.

If your article is a self-promotional content, then please contact us for Sponsored Content (Advertising).

Got any question or suggestion contact us!

Guest Posting FAQs

Guest Post For Tech Blog

Q. Who can apply for Guest Authorship?

Anyone has in-depth knowledge on specific subjects that aligns our editorial guidelines can submit their articles at techlinu.com@gmail.com for review.

Q. I’ve an article on business trends. How can I submit it to TechLinu editorial Team?

If you have articles on industry trends, guides, advice on recent technology, social media, startup, entrepreneurship or other please send this to techlinu.com@gmail.com. Also – include essential media files and author credential along with your article. Once our Editorial Team gives thumbs up then it will be published on our website.

Q. I’ve submitted an article. How will I know if this is published or not?

All right. If you have submitted an article it will be reviewed by our editorial team. Once it is approved we’ll send you a confirmation email with the article link.

Q. Does TechLinu charge for publishing Contributor’s articles?

Absolutely not. We don’t charge anyone who wants to contribute a guest post to TechLinu.com, Guest Posting is completely Free! However if you want to advertise your business, products or sponsored Contents contact us through Contact Us Page.

Q. Does TechLinu pay for publishing Contributor’s articles?

No we don’t pay contributors for guest post submission.


We might change article headline to align with our website format. Also we request you to send us attribution of the images you send us or else we might use our own images.

We would like to inform you that the purpose of this Site is to update you with the latest information in technology, social media and travel industry. All material on this website has undergone peer review to ensure the maximum accuracy and we do not assume responsibility for any unintentional inaccuracies or omissions in the content posted on this website. If any inaccuracies come under notice by us on the Site will be modified without prior notice by TechLinu.

For detailed information please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions page.

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